Mt. Shasta Chamber welcomes Campora to the area


Participating in a Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting for Campora Propane Service are left to right, Chamber board members Joy Taylor and Sean Doyle, Campora’s Branch Manager Dave Kiker, Campora’s Regional Manager Jason Stokes, Campora’s Marketing Manager Randy McCoy, Chamber board member Vince Reinig and District 2 Supervisor Ed Valenzuela.

Campora Propane Service is happy to announce that Siskiyou County has been added to the many counties Campora serves and that Campora is bringing along the same commitment of choices and fair propane pricing to the local community.

Campora Propane Service was founded by Dominick Campora in Stockton, California, in 1946. In the last 67 years, Campora has grown from a single location to 14 locations serving thousands of satisfied customers throughout Northern California and Western Nevada. Every employee at Campora Propane strives to deliver the same level of personal service you may have expected to receive back in 1946. No matter how much they grow, they never lose sight of the ideals that Dominick Campora founded the business on.

The folks at Campora Propane Service want to ensure that every customer gets the best possible value from their service. To them it means delivering the most dependable, affordable and convenient service in the marketplace and here’s how they do it:

  • Reliable: They know you depend on uninterrupted service. They back up their reliable residential and commercial services with the most modern routing technology available to ensure that Campora doesn’t let you down with 24/7 emergency service.
  • Affordable: At Campora they work hard to provide their customers with fair and sensible propane prices. That includes access to sales tax exemptions on propane purchases for many California customers as well as budget pay plans and convenient payment options for all their customers.
  • Convenient: When it comes to propane, you don’t want to think about it; you just want it to work. Campora aims to take care of their customers by offering every propane need: new installation, repair service and even tanks rental. No Worries!

Campora’s Service team of Randy McCoy (Sales Representative), David Kiker (Service/Delivery), Karen Flynn (Customer Relations Specialist), Darlene Freilich (Customer Service Representative) and Jason Stokes (Regional Manager) are eager to meet their new customers in Siskiyou County. To contact them please call (530) 241-1770 or send an email to, or visit their website at

Cycling in the Mount Shasta Area in January? Why not…

It’s widely acknowledged that cycling is a great way to achieve good health and fitness. It’s also one of the easiest ways to exercise – you can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and without spending a fortune. So if you’re planning on becoming fitter and healthier in 2014 there’s no better time to pick up your bike and start pedaling, and here’s why…

1. Cycling gives you a healthier heart and immune system
Cycling is associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, as well as a decrease in the risk of heart disease. Studies also show that moderate activity, such as cycling, can strengthen the immune system and contributes to fighting of illness.

2. Cycling can help you lose weight
Cycling is a great form of aerobic exercise and a brilliant way to burn calories. The faster you cycle, the more you burn – meaning it’s entirely up to you to set your pace. Cycling also has the added benefit of ramping up your metabolism – even after the ride is over.

3. Cycling tones your muscles
Not only does cycling help you burn calories, but it also helps tone your muscles. In the lower half of your body cycling works your calves, thighs and bottom; while in the upper half it gives your shoulders and arms a work out too. Cycling is also easier on your joints than other high impact activities such as running, but still helps you get into shape.

4. Cycling reduces stress, mental illness and anxiety
Cycling is believed to give participants a sense of wellbeing and is said to reduce anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. It’s also thought that its repetitive clockwork movements have a soothing effect on the body.

These are just some of the health benefits cycling regularly can have. There are of course many more. One thing for sure is that it’s perfect for anyone who is planning a healthier life style in 2014. And the beauty is you don’t have to do it alone. Cycling’s a perfect activity for the family to do together – and research has found that kids are influenced by their parents exercise choices.

These sites can help you plan you route:


Shasta Inn & Strawberry Valley Inn: It’s a family affair!

Shasta Inn

Participating in the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce’s ribbon cutting for new members Shasta Inn Hotel and Strawberry Valley Inn are, left to right, Chamber board member Terry Taforo, Amanda Reiber, holding scissors owner Todd Anthis, James Sommer, owner Keli Anthis, Chamber board member Jim Mullins, Sue Anthis, Gary Anthis, Mariah Smith, Tanner Anthis, Matt McClendon, and Chamber board president Brett Waite.

New Mt. Shasta residents and Chamber members, Todd and Keli Anthis, hosted a mixer on January 9, 2014, in their lodge at the Shasta Inn. Over 60 members attended and were treated to a drink of their choice along with delicious appetizers. Live music was provided by their “house band”: Upstate. A great evening of networking and socializing was had by all!

The Strawberry Valley Inn and the Shasta Inn are now under new ownership. Husband and wife team, Todd and Keli Anthis are pleased to have the opportunity to personally run these two beautiful properties. Their son Tanner Anthis, friends Matt McClendon and James Sommer, live on the property as well and serve as the properties’ maintenance team and musical group. Tanner’s girlfriend Mariah Smith assists Keli with marketing and business tasks. It’s a Family affair.

The entire crew enjoys living here on the Strawberry Valley Inn property and making Mt. Shasta their new home. “We have been so touched by the support of the Mt. Shasta community and look forward to making these hotels a destination location that we can all be proud of,” says Todd Anthis.

The change in ownership will also bring out changes in the local management. Both Todd and Keli will be on site and operating the properties full time. The family and their dedicated staff have been busy upgrading throughout both hotels and recently opened the bar at the Shasta Inn. Bar hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 5pm–10pm. We have recently added new amenities such as billiards, games, and live music planned for every Friday evening. The restaurant, Mountain Bar & Grill (inside the Shasta Inn) will open early spring.

Drop by to say hello anytime!

The Strawberry Valley Inn is located at 1142 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
Phone number: 530-926-2052

The Shasta Inn is located at 1121 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
Phone number: 530-926-3411

Best skating season in Mount Shasta

Ice Rink RC retouched

Participating in the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for Friends of the Rink (F.O.R.) are, left to right, intern/volunteer Shannon Shaw, F.O.R. Board chairman Steve Bachmann, volunteer Norm Burkett, F.O.R. Board treasurer and rink manager John Stackfleth, F.O.R. Board vice-chairman Pauline Uri and Chamber events coordinator Vicky Zanni.

Friends of the Rink (FOR) joins the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce amid the most successful ice skating season in the history of the Siskiyou Ice Rink. The 2013-2014 skating season, which runs through February 2nd, has been filled with sunny days and abundant skating opportunities for families in the Mt. Shasta vicinity as well as well as many holiday visitors and guests from out of the area.

“We love seeing so many people out on the ice enjoying themselves. Everyone has so much fun! Children, teens, adults and seniors all love to skate. It really makes us feel good about what FOR has accomplished,” says Friends of the Rink board member Pauline Uri.

FOR is a grass-roots nonprofit organization made up of individuals from Mt. Shasta and surrounding communities. Its members are passionate about skating, community recreation opportunities and the Siskiyou Ice Rink. FOR operates under the umbrella of the Associated Charitable Resource of South Siskiyou (ACROSS).

For the past ten years FOR has assisted the rink in numerous capacities, including: raising funds for youth and adult hockey programs and school field trip opportunities; providing volunteers to assist with rink operations; organizing special events, and helping to promote the rink and its activities.

Over the past two seasons FOR has taken a more active role in managing the rink in partnership with the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District. Improved coordination and management has resulted in two financially successful seasons, and Siskiyou Ice Rink is flourishing.

FOR is in need of donations to support the purchase of much-needed new rental skates, solar panels, concrete pad repairs, and a roof. Please visit the website at or call (530) 926-5631 to learn more about Friends Of the Rink and how you can donate and support the Siskiyou Ice Rink. The Siskiyou Ice Rink is located at Shastice Park, 800 Rockfellow Dr. in Mount Shasta, California.

What’s Up January 2014

 Jupiter's Triple Shadow Transit Image Credit & Copyright: Leo Aerts

Every January millions resolve to do something, anything, different or better in the coming year. So why not try to do more skygazing during 2014?

As soon as the Sun sets, you’ll see a dazzlingly bright “star” parked just above the southwestern horizon. That’s actually the planet Venus, our closest planetary neighbor. Venus is wrapping up a long, wonderful showing in the evening sky.

Turn around, and you’ll see Jupiter shining brightly above the northeastern horizon. It’s called the king of planets for a reason — it’s big, it’s bright, and it’ll dominate the evening sky for the next several months.

Another obvious asterism is the five-star zigzag of Cassiopeia. It looks like a flattened M in winter. Step outside, face north, and look almost straight up. It’s a little wider than your fist at arm’s length. In spring and summer, when the Big Dipper rides high, Cassiopeia lurks low. In fall and winter, it’s Cassiopeia’s turn to shine high over the evening world, while the Dipper sinks low behind the trees.
Sky and Telescope

The next Full Moon is on the 16th, and there are two New Moons this month, on the 1st and 30th.

The International Space Station and various satellites can be tracked and viewed at (link is set for Mt. Shasta’s location and elevation.)

For a full list of sky happenings this month, as well as a handy printable map, download The Evening Sky Map.

Improve heating system performance

PacificPower- ImproveHeatingSystemPerformance-January 2014

When winter weather is at its worst, your heating system gets a workout. By making sure your facility is well-sealed, insulated and has properly sized HVAC equipment, it will be more comfortable, more energy-efficient and have lower maintenance costs.

Consider taking the following steps at your facility this winter:

  • Have your system cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional. No matter what type of heating system you use – furnace, boiler or rooftop unit – a checkup will ensure more efficient operation and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Inspect doors and windows for worn or damaged caulk and weather-stripping, and repair or replace when necessary.
  • Inspect heating ducts and seal any leaks; direct leaks in duct systems can result in significant heat loss.
  • Check air filters and replace them on a regular basis throughout the heating season.
  • Wall and ceiling insulation is an effective way to save on heating costs and keep building occupants comfortable in winter.
  • If your heating system is an older heat pump, consider replacing it with a model that meets or exceeds Pacific Power’s incentive program specifications for energy-efficient performance.

Pacific Power offers cash incentives to upgrade HVAC equipment, insulation and windows for buildings with mechanical cooling. Visit for details on incentives for energy upgrades.

Chamber thanks sponsors, volunteers for Winter Magic


The 3rd annual Winter Magic Celebration was held in the City of Mt. Shasta on Friday, November 29th. Because of the generous support of sponsors and volunteers, the event was a great success.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all those who made the event possible including the City of Mt. Shasta, the Mt. Shasta Fire Association, Mountain Runners, the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce Board, and above all, Brett Waite and her family.

Fire Association Volunteers and Sponsors: Adam Heilman, Beth Neumeyer, Brian Dyck, Brooks Complete Automotive, Brynn Witherell, Carson Resh, Chad Henson, Connie Melo, Cory Burns, Dan Halford, Dixie Cervelli, Donna Dyck, Ed Palfini, Emily Geries, Eric Dyck, Frank Melo, Jay Polk, Jerry Cook, Jerry Hill, John Kennedy Sr., Johnathan Duncan , Jovani Villeda, Kim Palfini, Lady of the Elks, Mark Bruni, Marquis Smith, Matt Melo, Roll N Rock Construction, Ryley Witherelll, Sam Steyarte, Solano’s Do it Best Hardware, St. Anthony Bingo, Stephen Goldsberry, Steve Hitchcock, Tom Haistings, Tyler Cervelli and Tyler Witherell.

Plaza and trees decoration: Kelly Steiner, Yvonne Waite, Brett Waite, Robin Johnson, Melisa Doyle, Mark Healy, Nancy Shigenaka, Elizabeth Lahey, Paul and Julie Eckert, Rob Dyer, Lori Waite, Paul and Dennis Engstrom, Vince Reinig, Peyton Hough, Montana Lahey, Reed Eckert, Tom Waite, and Paul Engstrom. Snowplow decorators were Brenda Floyd, and Scott Hall.

Christmas wreaths set up: Yvonne Waite, Marty Bryan, Trudy Merkle, Maxine Dimick, and Jainie Painter.

Hay and choir stand: Tom Waite, Jacob Barr, Sean Doyle, Ben Eckert, Shawn Merkle, Paul Eckert, Paul Engstrom, Randy McDonald, Bill Michleon and Mountain Runners.

Fire pits safety: Tom Waite, Mike Brown family, Rick Castaneta family, Fred Erickson Jr. family, Kelly Steiner and Scott Waite, Linda Valenzuela & Desi, Mark Clure & family, Larry and Lula Campbell, Randy and Paula Cardozza and family, Mt. Shasta Fire Dept., Ray-Mac Mechanical, Ben Eckert, Rob Dyer, and German Ossa.

Libation booth provided by the Eckert family: Paul, Julie, Lauren, Ben and Reed.

Choir: Singers from the Mt. Shasta Children’s choir were joined by students from Mt. Shasta Elementary, Sisson and Strawberry Valley schools under the direction of Carol Taforo, accompanied by Jean Warrick, and assisted by Kit Bertolucci and Gayin Linx.

Sound: Mike Karseboom.

Thank you to Duncan Barr, Kevin Lahey Photography, Doris Moss Realty and General Produce for their generous donations. Brian Heile for providing his bucket truck and Rod Bryan, director of Public Works, for his patience and good humor while jumping over every hurdle we all set in front of him…

Thanks also go to Steve Gerace and Skye Kinkaid at the Mount Shasta Herald for the great coverage the event received prior and after the celebration and to all the businesses that decorated their store-front and made the town so festive and inviting.

We appreciate everyone’s contribution and help in making this a huge success.

Marie-Josée Wells
Executive Director
Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce

Volunteers Needed for Free Tax Preparation in Siskiyou County

The Jefferson Economic Development Institute is gearing up for the 2014 tax season and needs many volunteers to help provide free tax preparation in the remote and not so remote communities of our county. This is JEDI’s 11th year as a VITA Site (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and last year prepared over 500 returns.  As a result, $170,000 of Earned Income Tax Credit refunds and over $20,000 in Child Tax Credits were brought into the communities but there is still much work to be done.   Typically, 1 in 5 eligible filers still do not claim the EITC and one of the goals of this program is to increase that percentage.  Another goal is to offer a no-cost option for low-income wage earners and seniors to file their taxes.

This year there are many new ways to volunteer for VITA.  In addition to Site Coordinators, return preparers, screeners, client facilitators and quality reviewers, JEDI is also looking for individuals to help with Virtual VITA returns.  Virtual VITA is a method of providing the service in remote locations that do not have fully certified volunteers. The Virtual Volunteer will conduct an interview with the taxpayer then fax or scan the tax documents to the main office for preparation and review.  The volunteer must complete the Standards of Conduct training which can be done in less than an hour.  The needs are greatest in the communities of Yreka, Dorris, Tulelake, Montague, McCloud, Happy Camp and Dunsmuir.

All other volunteers must be certified to the Basic level at a minimum and to the Advanced level depending on the complexity of the return.  To become a certified return preparer one must attend the training to be held at the JEDI office in Mt. Shasta on Jan. 7-9th and 14-16th, 2014 and pass the certification test.

The 30 hour training will be taught by Linda Cannar, veteran trainer from AARP.  The course will run from 9:00 to 4:00 pm each day.  Volunteers can also complete the training online and take the certification test through Link & Learn Taxes at the website.

Through a partnership with the Family and Community Resource Centers, Virtual Volunteers will have the opportunity to volunteer in their own communities.  Appointments will be scheduled all day Wednesday and Thursday’s and on Friday afternoons from 1:00-4:00.  In the Mt. Shasta area; the free tax preparation will take place at the JEDI office.  “The success of the VITA Program lies in the fact that over the years, we have built a strong cadre of volunteers, spoke Nancy Swift, Executive Director of JEDI.  “”Without our core of volunteers we would not be able to do what we do and we are so grateful to them.”

To become a volunteer or to learn more about the free tax preparation service, call Paj Kane, VITA Site Coordinator, at 530-926-6670, x11 or 888-926-6670.

Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn join the Mount Shasta Chamber


Participating in a Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn are, left to right, Chamber Membership Coordinator Barbara Valenzuela, employees Ben Gerber, Mike Moder, Manager Breanna Dacy, Robby Graves, Kristina Albisu, Kourtney Pistorius and Barbara Sylvia.

Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn: a new menu, and new management. Since the original opening back in 2007, Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn have come a long way. This year new manager Breanna Dacy has brought some exciting changes to the table including a new menu!

Breanna, a Mt. Shasta resident who studied business at SDSU, and a former line cook herself has been breathing new life into Oak Tree Inn and Penny’s Diner. “Our goal is to reintroduce ourselves to the community as we want to offer the best food to South Siskiyou County” says Breanna. “We have up-scaled all of our burgers in size and quality, serving half pound 100% pure Angus Beef.”  Some popular favorite items such as boardwalk style hot dogs, east coast pastrami subs, piled high sandwiches, authentic “taco truck” chorizo and machaca burritos, chili cheese fries, and beer battered onion rings have been added to the new menu.

Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, this Classic American Diner sporting chrome furniture, black and white checkered floor, is a great place for any late night snack; “We offer free WIFI too, so it makes it a great place for students to group study, do homework, or just hang out”, says Breanna.

When asked about Oak Tree Inn Breanna says; “Our hotel is a 21 room facility offering a gym. All our quiet rooms are equipped with coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave. We supply a free home cooked hearty breakfast. Our contracts with Union Pacific Railroad and other large businesses guarantee you a great stay. We are pet friendly too!” Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn offer senior, serviceman, military and student discounts in both the diner and hotel.

Penny’s Diner and Oak Tree Inn are located at 4000 Siskiyou Blvd. in Dunsmuir, California. Telephone number is (530) 235-4100.