What’s Up April 2014

A Lunar Eclipse in Three Exposures Credit & Copyright: Stephen Barnes

A Lunar Eclipse in Three Exposures
Credit & Copyright: Stephen Barnes

The month’s big celestial event is a total lunar eclipse early on morning of April 15th — the first such coverup in 2½ years. Skies permitting, the eclipse will be observable in its entirety across North America and western South America.

Use Jupiter as a guide to take one last look at the brilliant stars of winter. Above it are the Twins of Gemini, Pollux and slightly dimmer Castor. Well to Jupiter’s left is the bright star Procyon, and off to its right is Capella. Directly below Jupiter is the distinctive hourglass shape of Orion, the Hunter.

Jupiter has solely ruled the evening sky for several months, but now he’s got some company. Once twilight has faded, look low in the east for a brilliant star that’s the color of ginger ale. It’s actually Mars. The Red Planet reaches opposition on April 8th, meaning it appears opposite the Sun in our sky.
Sky and Telescope

The next Full Moon is on the 15th, and the next New Moon is on the 29th.

The International Space Station and various satellites can be tracked and viewed at Heavens-Above.com (link is set for Mt. Shasta’s location and elevation.)

For a full list of sky happenings this month, as well as a handy printable map, download The Evening Sky Map.

Crystal Geyser: Chamber publishes opinion from expert on water and environmental issues

On behalf of Brett Waite, president of the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce, Stuart L. Somach was asked to review prior work that his firm has done on behalf of the Coca-Cola Company with respect to the water rights and other related issues, and provide the Chamber with his views on the operations of the facility by Crystal Geyser.

Stuart L. Somach’s letter can be found here.

4th Friday Art Walk in Mt. Shasta

Messer_Mixed_Media_HorsesTake a stroll downtown on Friday, March 28th to enjoy Mount Shasta’s Fourth Friday Art Walk from 3-5:30pm.

Begin your walk at Snow Creek Studios where there will be a display of crafted horses created in Chris Messer’s February Mixed Media class. These creativity-based workshops, open to all levels, are offered once a month on Saturday afternoons. Snow Creek Studios is also raffling off 2 tickets to Sisson Museum’s History Night on April 4th from 6pm-9pm.

Just up the road, Directions is featuring ‘Beads Without Borders’, a line of jewelry created by local artist, Sandy Embrey. During heEmbrey_Jewelryr 20 years working and traveling to exotic regions and countries, she noticed that the one commonality among the women she encountered was their appreciation for jewelry. Sandy used this inspiration to create her line of ethnically inspired jewelry.

The next stop on your walk is Alpine Originals where they are offering a 10% discount on all purchases during Art Walk hours. Across the street and up the block Willo Balfrey is the showcased artist at The Gallery in Mt. Shasta. An award winning artist, Balfrey’s oil and pastel paintings reflect her love of the landscape.

Next month’s Art Walk on April 25th will kick off the evening event from 4pm-8pm.  The enthusiasm of the current galleries combined with new participants is helping to grow this community event.

Look for the red and yellow balloons and come support your community.  For more information, visit:  www.facebook.com/MountShasta4thFridayArtWalk.

Balancing work and exercise

Submitted by Mountain Fitness

Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age.  If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose, you’ll increase the percentage of fat in your body.  But strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass at any age.

Strength training also helps you:

Develop strong bones:   By stressing your bones, strength training increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Control your weight:   As you gain muscle, your body burns calories more efficiently – which can result in weight loss. The more toned your muscles, the easier it is to control your weight.

Reduce your risk of injury:   Building muscle protects your joints from injury.  It also helps you maintain flexibility and balance and remain independent as you age.

Boost your stamina:   As you grow stronger, you won’t fatigue as easily.

Improve your sense of well-being:   Strength training can boost your self-confidence, improve your body image and reduce the risk of depression.

Get a better night’s sleep:   People who commit to a regular strength training program are less likely to have insomnia.

Manage chronic conditions:   Strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions including arthritis, back pain, depression, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

When to expect results

You don’t need to spend hours a day lifting weights to benefit from strength training. Two to three strength training sessions a week lasting just 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient for most people. You may enjoy noticeable improvements in your strength and stamina in just a few weeks. With regular strength training, you can increase your strength 50 percent or more within six months – even if you’re not in shape when you begin.

Strength training can do wonders for your physical and emotional well-being. Make it part of your quest for better health.

Edward Laskowski, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., and co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center   www.mayoclinic.com

What’s Up March 2014

Möbius Arch Moonrise — Image Credit & Copyright: Laurie Hatch

Image Credit & Copyright: Laurie Hatch

The Northern Hemisphere is starting to thaw out from winter, so the nights aren’t nearly so cold, and yet the dazzling winter stars are still overhead. The March equinox falls on the 20th at 12:57 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

In the deepening blue after sunset, look for brilliant Sirius, the Dog Star. It’s the brightest star in the entire sky by a large margin (aside from our own Sun, of course), in part because it’s a close neighbor in space — just 8½ light-years away.

Above Sirius are Procyon and Betelgeuse, which, together with stunning Jupiter higher up, make an enormous diamond shape about as tall as four times the width of your clenched first held at arm’s length.

To Jupiter’s upper left are a pair of bright stars: creamy colored Pollux and icy white Castor, the twins of Gemini. They’re similar in brightness, so to tell which one is which, just remember that Pollux (with a P) is the one closer to Procyon. Scan farther left to spot Regulus, rising with Leo in the east.
Sky and Telescope

The next Full Moon is on the 16th, and there are two New Moons this month, on the 1st and 30th.

The International Space Station and various satellites can be tracked and viewed at Heavens-Above.com (link is set for Mt. Shasta’s location and elevation.)

For a full list of sky happenings this month, as well as a handy printable map, download The Evening Sky Map.

Mt. Shasta Chamber seeking nominations before March 21st, 2014

The Mt. Shasta Chamber is seeking nominations for the 2013 Citizen of the Year Awards. The Mt. Shasta Chamber Awards are the most prestigious and longest-standing awards given by a business or organization.

Citizen of the Year
Nominee has made significant contributions to the local community. Nominee is an individual, resident of Mount Shasta or sphere of influence.

We will honor the recipients of the Business of the Year 2013 and the Citizen of the Year 2013 awards at the Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony and Reception on Friday, April 11 at the Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, 1 N Old Stage Road.

Applications forms can be picked up at the Visitors Bureau seven days a week from 11:30 to 4:30. You can also download an application here

If you have questions regarding the award nomination process please call the chamber office at 926-3696 ext. 201.

Strong Bodies, Strong Individuals helps reach goals


Participating in a Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for Strong Bodies, Strong Individuals are left to right, Chamber Board President Brett Waite, owner Laurie Bagley, Events Coordinator Vicky Zanni, and District 2 County Supervisor Ed Valenzuela.

Strong Bodies Strong Individuals: Health, fitness and wellness coaching is the latest business to join the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce’s 280 members.

As a certified health coach with over 15 years in health/fitness coaching, Laurie Bagley has helped thousands lose weight, feel great and accomplish a dream.  Her unique blend of compassion and disciplined focus motivates change, lasting change for novices, people taking on a new challenge and serious athletes who are ready to take it to the next level.

Expect to learn a way of being that will give you a better quality of life, more energy, endurance and stamina to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy all other areas of your life, too.

We all know that regular exercise alleviates depression, boosts confidence and serves as prevention for many body complaints. But getting fit has never been so much fun until you work with Laurie.

Her coaching style will move you from “having to” work-out to “loving and enjoying” your physical activities. Her programs are not about dieting or hardship, they are about feeling well, living fully, indulging in healthy foods and experiencing recreation and physical activity as a source of renewal.

Combining intelligent and proven fitness knowledge with the latest in body efficiency technology and nutrition, you are going to save time and effort with her expertise guiding you to your goals.

Contact Laurie Bagley thru her website www.lauriebagley.com or you may call her at 541-399-7226.

Mt. Shasta Chamber welcomes Campora to the area


Participating in a Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting for Campora Propane Service are left to right, Chamber board members Joy Taylor and Sean Doyle, Campora’s Branch Manager Dave Kiker, Campora’s Regional Manager Jason Stokes, Campora’s Marketing Manager Randy McCoy, Chamber board member Vince Reinig and District 2 Supervisor Ed Valenzuela.

Campora Propane Service is happy to announce that Siskiyou County has been added to the many counties Campora serves and that Campora is bringing along the same commitment of choices and fair propane pricing to the local community.

Campora Propane Service was founded by Dominick Campora in Stockton, California, in 1946. In the last 67 years, Campora has grown from a single location to 14 locations serving thousands of satisfied customers throughout Northern California and Western Nevada. Every employee at Campora Propane strives to deliver the same level of personal service you may have expected to receive back in 1946. No matter how much they grow, they never lose sight of the ideals that Dominick Campora founded the business on.

The folks at Campora Propane Service want to ensure that every customer gets the best possible value from their service. To them it means delivering the most dependable, affordable and convenient service in the marketplace and here’s how they do it:

  • Reliable: They know you depend on uninterrupted service. They back up their reliable residential and commercial services with the most modern routing technology available to ensure that Campora doesn’t let you down with 24/7 emergency service.
  • Affordable: At Campora they work hard to provide their customers with fair and sensible propane prices. That includes access to sales tax exemptions on propane purchases for many California customers as well as budget pay plans and convenient payment options for all their customers.
  • Convenient: When it comes to propane, you don’t want to think about it; you just want it to work. Campora aims to take care of their customers by offering every propane need: new installation, repair service and even tanks rental. No Worries!

Campora’s Service team of Randy McCoy (Sales Representative), David Kiker (Service/Delivery), Karen Flynn (Customer Relations Specialist), Darlene Freilich (Customer Service Representative) and Jason Stokes (Regional Manager) are eager to meet their new customers in Siskiyou County. To contact them please call (530) 241-1770 or send an email to campora@campora.com, or visit their website at www.campora.com